Document Exchange Platform (DXP)

By supporting a large set of interfaces, communication protocols, data verification, data conversion and data enrichment, the Nintu DXP Solution for service providers facilitates the exchange of structured business documents between business partners for highly automated processing. Consumers and SME's can be reached via connected banks (B2C). For global reach, roaming to networks of other service providers is also supported. The solution complies with regulatory requirements with respect to e-invoicing by applying qualified or advanced electronic signatures (QES, AES).

B2B Network

Business partners can send their business documents in a format of their choice (EDIFACT, XML, IDOC etc.). Optionally, attachments can be routed to the business partner, e.g. a PDF version of the document or additional information. DXP validates the input messages, converts them to the format desired by the recipient and adds data if required. An electronic signature can be applied on behalf of the sender. For e-invoicing, legal requirements of the countries involved are fulfilled. Optionally, the electronic signature can be verified on behalf of the recipient. In a B2B scenario, the output message can be processed directly and fully automatically by the recipient.

The solution includes archiving services, offered to connected business partners.

E-Banking Integration (B2C)

In the B2C scenario, banks can connect to the DXP web services to access business documents of their e-banking customers. The documents are presented securely in the e-banking portal, and in case of an e-invoice, the customer can pay the invoice with a simple mouse click. No manual input of banking accounts, references, amounts, or due dates is required.

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